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At a concert, 2/7 of the audience were men and 2/5 of the remaining audience were women.The rest were children.

a) what fraction of the audience were children?

b) If there were 42 children, how many people were in the audience?

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  1. Suppose we had x people in the audience
    If 2/7x were men, then 5/7x of the group were non-men

    women = (2/5)(5/7x) = 2/7x of the group were women
    but 2/7x + 2/7x = 4/7x <--- men and women
    which means there were 3/7x children
    fraction of audience which were children
    = (3/7x) / x
    = 3/7

    If (3/7)x = 42
    x = 42(7/3) = 98

    (2/7) of 98 were men ---> 28
    leaving 70 women and children
    (2/5)(70) were women ----> 28 women
    children = 70-28 = 42

    second check:
    what is (3/7) of 98 ?

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  2. xcrxrey it did nit fxdr

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