Science please help

1. What is an example of a stable system?

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  1. One with several horses?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. one with several horses? what are you talking about and does my school mean if you pick up a bobble head it will move its head. if your still, then it will slowly get still again. should i use this as the question?

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  3. A system which if disturbed tends to return to equilibrium is stable. Think pendulum.
    A system that if disturbed tends to run away from equilibrium is considered unstable, think pencil standing on your desk on its eraser. Once it falls flat on your desk of course, it becomes stable :)

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  4. THANK YOU!!! :3 <(OuO<) *hugs*

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  5. @banna, you said stable and Ms.Sue thought you meant one with horses in it...

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  6. Thnx

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  7. So funny when I went to my discussion two answers and both are on here... hi friends

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  8. i dont know

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  9. Yoot

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  10. An example of a stable system is a hammock. I was able to determine whether or not a hammock is a stable system because when a person is laying on it, it will swing. But once the person gets off, the hammock will stay put, without swinging!
    your welcome :)

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  11. I need another answer that's not a hammock

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