based on this excerpt, what conclusion can u reach about u.s. goals in south africa during the mid 1980's?

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  1. What excerpt?

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  2. "in 1996 congress approved economic sanitations against south america to force an end to arpathied. sanctions are measures aimed to makeing a country change its policy. american companies were forbeiden to invest in south aferica or import south african products" that is the quote on the test thing.

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  3. Correction: "economic sanctions against South Africa."

    The question asks about the 1980s, but the excerpt is dated 1996.


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  4. i don't know thats what the question says so I'm just trying to figure out the best option.
    a- The united states wanted more responsibility for south africas economy
    b- the united states public opposed intervention in south afericas economy
    c-congress thought that the south aferican government was supported by the soviets
    D- U.S. leaders hoped to bring about peaceful political change in south africa

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  5. Please ask your teacher about this difference in dates.

    The U.S. tried to pressure South Africa to abandon apartheid.

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  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comprehensive_Anti-Apartheid_Act

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  7. I stg no one helps out here anymore it’s just ms sue saying “Check ur text” like we come here to get help not to be told the same thing. Ms sue helps sometimes but other than that no one helps anymore

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  8. whats the answer

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  9. is the answer b ms sue

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  10. hey thats my name!

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