local nature trail

Hi i ahve to create a local naturetrail on my area.It has to incorportae science, geography and histiry features.I ahve made out the questions and pictures but I am not very good with microsoft word and need someone to help put it together.Any ideas??

Putting it together has relatively little to do with knowledge of Microsoft Word or any other word processing program.

You want to organize your ideas with some logical thread. You can walk down the trail noting the various features in all three categories, or you can go over the same trail three different times, noting the features of one category at a time.

With any assignment, it helps to make an outline as to what you want to discuss, including your introduction and conclusions. Once this is done, you can use you word processing program to cut/copy and paste portions of material into their places within your outline. Then you need to make sure that there are clear transitions from one topic to the next. Good luck.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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asked by sara

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