the area of a regular hexagon is given as 384√3
a. how long is each side of a hexagon
b. find the radius of a hexagon
c. find the apothem of a hexagon

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  1. A regular hexagon can be divided into 6 equal equilateral triangles.
    So each one has an area of 64√3
    let's look at one of those.
    Area of a triangle = (1/2)absinØ, where a and b are sides with Ø as their contained angle.
    If each side is x, then
    (1/2)x^2 sin60° = 64√3
    (1/2) x^2 (√3/2) = 64√3
    x^2 = 256
    x = 16

    take it from here

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  3. Two triangles area similar the sides of one area 4,6,and 7cm,the short est side of the ather is 10cm calculate the lengths of the other two sides of this triangle

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  4. A. 4 B.2

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