1.What was North Korea’s response to President George W. Bush’s 2001 threat to stop negotiations?
A. North Korea immediately gave in
to his list of conditions.
B. North Korea resumed its nuclear
C. North Korea sought the help of
the United Nations.
D. North Korea finally joined the
Non-Proliferation Treaty.

2. Why was it important for the United States to maintain good relations with North Africa and Southwest Asia?
A. The United States was looking to
expand trade into the region.
B. The manufacturing of nuclear
weapons in the region was still
C. The United States could not
afford another war.
D. The United States relied on oil
production of the region.

3. What was the Arab Spring?
A. pro-democracy protests in Arab
B. a celebration of the capture of
Libya's dictator
C. the realization of peace in the
Arab world
D. the withdrawal of Israeli forces
from Gaza

4.Which action best shows the U.S. goal of extending democracy
throughout the world?
A. monitoring China's threats to
claim island nations in the Pacific

B. working with NATO to reduce the
number of Somali pirate attacks
C. allowing Egyptian and Syrian
forces to support their own
D. supporting the NATO membership
of Eastern European countries

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  1. Someone here will be glad to check your answers.

  2. 1.D

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  3. the ansers are

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  4. 1.B
    thats the answers

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  5. CAN is correct for Connexus Unit 7 Lesson 5 global Challenges.

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  6. Can is correct 4/4 100%

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  7. b
    d 8th grade awnsers

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  8. im in 6th and got it right thxs can

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  9. B
    Lesson 5 unit 7

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  10. Can is right
    Are the answers and so is Ay. Btw if ur in 7th grade 2019 it mightve changed lessons so its actually Unit 5 Lesson 5 Meeting global challenges

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  11. I got 1/4 following Anonymous here are the real answers for(Lesson 5: Global Challenges United States History 7 B Unit 6: Meeting New Challenges)

    Good Luck😉

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  12. Thx a lot ( READ ME) uu are right the answers are


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