Identify the area of physics that is most relevant to each of the following situations. Explain your reasoning.

a. a high school football game
b. food preperation for the prom
c. playing in the school band
d. lightning in a thunderstorm
e. wearing a pair of sunglasses outside in the sun

The areas within physics are mechanics (motion and its causes), thermodynamics (heat and temperature), vibrations and wave phenomena (specific types of repetitive motions), optics (light), electromagnetism (electricity, magnetism, and light), relativity (particles moving at any speed, including very high speeds), quantum mechanics (behavoir of submicroscopic particles)

the ones i have are playing in the school band- vibrations and wave phenomena because the instruments involve sound, ligtning in a thunderstorm- electromagnetism because lightning is an electrical charge, and wearing a pair of sunglasses outside in the sun- optics because the sunglasses have lenses.

and then how about a high school football game- mechanics because the football spins when you throw it and the players tackle each other and then food preperation for the prom- thermodynamics because you have to get the temperature of the food just right?

Trick question. All involve physics. Remember in the food cooking, chemical changes depend on energy changes within the chemical molecules...this is physics.

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  1. You have already answered the question correctly in your discussion. Nice work!

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  2. e

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  3. Mechanics Motion and its causes, interactions between objects Falling objects, friction, weight, spinning objects
    Thermodynamics Heat and temperature Melting and freezing processes, engines, refrigerators
    Vibrations and wave phenomena Specific types of repetitive motions Springs, pendulums, sound
    Optics Light Mirrors, lenses, color, astronomy
    Electromagnetism Electricity, magnetism, and light Electrical charge, circuitry, permanent magnitudes, electromagnets
    Relativity Particles moving at any speed, including very high speeds Particle collisions, particle accelerators, nuclear energy
    Quantum mechanics Behavior of submicroscopic particles The atom and its parts

    2. Identify the area of physics that is most relevant to each of the following situations. Explain your reasoning.

    A high school football game = mechanics because football is a sports that we have to interact our feet with the ball.
    Food preparation for the prom = thermodynamics because when you preparing a food, you have to cook it first before you can it.
    Playing in the school band = vibrations and wave phenomena because playing an school band we have to use an instrument to play and become an music which it also show vibration and sound of something.
    Lightning in a thunderstorm = electromagnetism because lightning is an electric light that come down from the sky.
    Wearing a pair of sunglasses outside in the sun = optics because sunglasses are lenses that protect our eyes from the UV of the sun.
    3. What are the activities involved in the scientific method?

    Make observations and collect data that lead to a question
    Write our hypothesis and test our hypothesis by doing an experiment
    Check our results and correct our hypothesis if needed
    Write a conclusions in a form that can be judge by others
    4. Gives two examples of ways that physicists model the physical world.

    Creating a models or an diagram to make things easier to understand
    Use computers programming or small scale replica of the situation
    5. Critical Thinking: Identify the area of physics involved in each of the following tests of a lightweight metal alloy proposed for use in sailboat hulls:

    Testing the effects of an collision of the alloy: relativity
    Testing the effects of extreme heat and cold on the alloy: thermodynamics
    Testing whether the alloy can effect a magnetic compass needle: electromagnetism

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