Diagnosis and Assessing

Hello, can anyone help me with the following questions:
Due to oppression and discrimination that many diverse members of counseling groups have faced, it is recommended that the group be a place where the subject of __________ can be openly explored.

A. Civil rights

B. Hatred

C. Revenge

D. Imbalance of power

I selected B. because being able to openly explore why others hate certain groups and or understanding one’s own hatred towards others can help defuse revenge.

A fundamental concern when choosing a meeting place for a group is:

A. Parking

B. Access to public transportation

C. Comfort

D. Sound conduction within the building

I selected C. but after reading the following I had some doubts and was leading to selecting D.
“Members must be assured that they will not be overheard by people in adjoining rooms. Groups often fail because of their physical setting.”

Which of the following can greatly reduce the risk of a counselee withdrawing from a group prematurely?

A. A well thought-out counselor/counselee match

B. Proper theoretical orientation on the part of the leader

C. Steadfastness on the part of the group leader

D. Proper screening

For this question, I selected D. but then I was leaning towards selecting B. because a counselor who does not have the knowledge to guide his group can easily discourage members.

asked by Lencho
  1. I would go with B, D, D.
    On the last question, counselee screening is the key: they have to know themselves, be honest with themselves, and open to change. A member who is closed mind (know it alls) will not be receptive to change, nor likely to stay with the program.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. Thank you. "Adequate preparation and screening can reduce the risk of members leaving a group prematurely" D is correct as you indicated.

    posted by Lencho

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