8th Grade History

How did Jefferson Davis's failure as a leader illustrate a key weakness of the Confederacy?

A. He failed to secure enough funds for the war, which illustrates the Confederacy's bureaucratic corruption.
B. He failed to secure enough trained generals for the war, which illustrates the Confederacy's lack of manpower. ****
C. He failed to secure foreign support, which illustrates that the Confederacy needed foreign aid to match Union resources.
D.He failed to secure popular support in the South, which illustrates the divided nature of the South's population on the war.

Is it B?
@Mrs.Sue please help!

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  1. No, it's not B. There is a better answer. Re-read your text materials. What did the South need most to sustain it's war effort?

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  2. C. He failed to secure foreign support, which illustrates that the Confederacy needed foreign aid to match Union resources.

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  3. Is that right?

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  4. It's not C either.

    We've checked two of your guesses. You're on your own now. Please do not post this question again.

  5. I just submitted C and it was right.

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  6. Yes, C was right.

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  7. Clearly, we shouldn't trust Ms. Sue. She's not a reliable source if she couldn't figure out the right answer.

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  8. Ive used most of Ms. Sue's answers and only a handful of them were right.

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  9. This is so funny, lmao

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  10. C is right and we need to sue Mrs. Sue for giving people the wrong answers

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