math 1

Example 3: The table below shows the amount a banquet hall charges to feed different sized groups of people

Number Of People | COST
10 $200
14 $252
21 $441
23 $471

Using a linear model, what is the approximate residual value of the cost to feed 21 people
Answer Choices:
A.$8 B.$12 C.$15 D.$21 E. $34 F. $47 G. $52 H. $43 I. $32 J. $25 K. $19 L. $5

~I got K. $19 I dont understand this problem please help me i did everything with a calculator

asked by Jack(BIG HELP)
  1. so, what were your calculations? If we are to analyze why your answer may be wrong, show us how you got it.

    posted by Steve
  2. I did it on a calculator and followed my teacher steps dont know how to explain

    posted by Jack(BIG HELP)
  3. rubbish. If you followed the steps, what were they?

    posted by Steve
  4. On moodle its a video.

    posted by Anonymous

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