what do I do to solve this problem? I don't know how to work it out, so could somone show me hoe to work it out. Please help!
the lenght of a rectangular playing field is 5 ft less than twice its width.the perimeter is 230 ft,so what is the lenght and width of the field.

Let L be the length and W be the width. According to your information, L = 2W - 5 (5 feet less than twice the width). The perimeter is 2L + 2W = 230. If L = 2W - 5, then substitute it into the perimeter equation. That is,
2(2W - 5) + 2W = 230 and solve. Using the information you get there, go back and solve for L. Don't forget to go back and check that your answers for W and L make sense.

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asked by keshia
  1. The ratio of the lenght to width for a particular rectangle is 1.5. A scaled copy has width 6. What is the length of the scaled copy?

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    posted by Ihsan

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