The wood thrush is a bird species that lives in deciduous forests in North America. Wood thrushes nest in tall trees, forage for insects and snails in decaying leaf litter on the forest floor, and drink water from nearby freshwater sources. Identify one biotic factor and one abiotic factor critical to this species survival.

A. Biotic:Insects; abiotic:decaying leaf litter

B. Biotic:Tall trees; abiotic:snails

C. Biotic:Snails; abiotic:temperate climate

D. Biotic:Temperate climate; abiotic:water

please help! my answer is: A

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  1. The answer's C

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  2. A is not right.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. which one is it?

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  4. srry im late its C


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  5. 666 views on Halloween

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  6. thx a lot guy I really needed help on that! I also thought c for my first choice but it is good to double check

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  7. its c the end case closed happy halloween, and the awnsure is c

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  8. 1. D
    2. C
    3. C
    4. D
    5. C
    6. C
    7. A
    8. C
    9. D
    10. C
    11. A
    12. B
    13. A
    14. Producer
    15. Abiotic
    16. Nitrogen-Fixing
    17. Heat
    18. Evaporation
    19. Consumer (if you want to, you can do heterotroph they're both right
    20. Decomposer
    21. Grassland (Or you can do savanna they're both right. do not put an 's' at the end. It will mark you wrong.)
    22. Invasive
    23. Essay
    24. Essay
    This is an guaranteed 100% Thank you for waiting!

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  9. 19 and 21 have two answers. 21 can be savanna or grassland. Don't put an S at the end of grassland.
    And 19 can be consumer or heterotroph. They're both right. You guys are going to get a 100% I promise.

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  10. Soo I rly need the answers for this unit test can I trust @PrincessJay??

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  11. No

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  12. does anyone no the test anwsers

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