World History

The second bullet struck the Archduke close to the heart. He uttered only one word, "Sofia"- a call to his stricken wife. The his head fell back and he collapsed. He died almost instantly.
-Borijove Jevtic, co-conspirator

Which of the following was the reason behind the incident described in this passage?

A. ethnic conflict in the Ottoman empire

B. extreme militarism in Germany

C. Serbian nationalism

D. economic competition between France and Germany

My Answer: C

It was hard to choose between B or C.

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  1. Yes, C.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Thank you very much!

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  3. C is a good answer, however, I would have wished ethnic hate would have been listed.
    Austria-Hungary had just annexed Bosnia-Herzegovin provinces a few years earlier against the wishes of neighboring Serbia, which likewise coveted them. Ferdinand believed the Serbs to be “pigs,” “thieves,” “murderers” and “scoundrels.”
    Turns out he was right, and they *serbs* shot him and his bride.

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