J is the set of all fractions in the form of a/(a)square where a cannot not equal to 0

Column A: a (any member of set J)
Column B: 1

A. Quantity in column A is greater
B. Quantity in column B is greater
C. two quantities in both columns are equal
D. relationship cannot be determined from information given

Answer I know is given as C. that both columns are equal as whatever value you use as "a" will result in column a being equal to 1.

Do not understand why this is
If you use a fraction such as 1/2 you will get 2. Right?

If you use 1 then only you will get 1 as the resulting answer.

Is a in column one equal to the whole (a/(a)square) result or just a (whatever number you choose) ?

How can it be that the answer is 1 no matter what number you use how large or even fractional?

Please help

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  1. I think real answer is D since

    -if you use fraction for a the value is larger than 1
    -if you use number larger than 1 for a then the value gets smaller than 1
    -if you use 1 both columns are equal

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