Identifying Gerund Phrases

Underline each gerund phrase. Then write whether the gerund phrase is used as a subject, direct object, predicate noun, or object of a preposition.

1. Drinking large amounts of water can help clear the kidneys.
Drinking large amounts - direct object

2. His favorite hobby is raising guppies.
Raising guppies - Predicate Noun

3. A loud knocking interrupted their dinner.
A loud knocking - Subject

4. Nothing can be gained by choosing sides.
Choosing sides - object

5. He enjoys composing all sorts of music.
Composing all sorts of music - direct object

6. The secretary kept perfect records by writing the dates of each event.
Writing the dates - object

7. Insulating older homes helps conserve energy.
Insulating older homes - subject

8. Tourists at the Acropolis are warned against taking stones for souvenirs.

Taking stones - object

9. Traveling by air is the fastest way to get there.
Traveling by air - subject

10. My plans for vacation include redecorating my room.
Redecorating my room - Predicate noun

Please tell me what is specifically wrong so I can fix it. plz n thank u

asked by Please check answers!
  1. 1. Drinking large amounts of water - not a direct object.

    4, 6, 8. What kind of object?
    6. dates of each event

    The others are right.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. 1 - no
    2 - yes
    3 - yes
    4 - no (what kind of object?)
    5 - yes
    6 - again, object of what?
    7 - yes
    8 - what kind of obect
    9 - yes
    10- no

    posted by Reed
  3. On second thought, you are correct on 10.

    posted by Reed
  4. 1. subject
    4. I'm not sure for this one but is it nothing can be gained
    8. Taking stones for souvenirs

    are these correct?

    posted by Please check answers!
  5. 1. subject - yes
    4. I'm not sure for this one but is it nothing can be gained
    The gerund is choosing
    8. Taking stones for souvenirs
    What kind of object?

    posted by Ms. Sue

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