Which of the following sentences from Zora Neale Hurston's "What White Publishers Won't Print" best supports the author's opinion that white Americans perceive educated African Americans as a threat?
a. Man, like all the other animals fears and is repelled by that which he does not understand, and mere difference is apt to connote something malign.
B. National coherence and solidarity is implicit in a thorough understanding of the various groups within a nation, and this lack of knowledge about the internal emotions and behavior of the minorities cannot fail to bar out understanding.
C. The fact that there is no demand for incisive and full-dress stories around Negroes above the servant class is indicative of something of vast importance to this nation.
D. I have been amazed by the Anglo-Saxon's lack of curiosity about the internal lives and emotions of the Negroes, and for that matter, any non-Anglo-Saxon peoples within our borders, above the class of unskilled labor.
E. Argue all you will or may about injustice, but as long as the majority cannot conceive of a Negro or a Jew feeling and reacting inside just as they do, the majority will keep right on believing that people who do not look like them cannot possibly feel as they do, and conform to the established pattern.

I think the answer is C

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  1. What is there in C that indicates any kind of threat? I think there's a better answer.

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  2. d because of the lack of curiosity of non whites above unskilled labors

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  3. No. You've had two tries. Look up the word "malign".

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  4. malign means evil in nature or effect
    So man thinks that the non whites are evil?

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  5. Its A.

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  6. catie u

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