algebra 1

f(x) = -2x^2+4x+1

Can someone explain how the f(x) is worked into this function?
I am supposed to graph the function and find the vertex and the axis of symmetry.I'm a little lost no major.

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  1. Take a look here. It's almost the same.

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  2. F(x) = Y = -2x^2 + 4x + 1.

    a. h = Xv = -B/2A = -4/-4 = 1 = Axis of symmetry.

    b. k = -2*1^2 + 4*1 + 1 = 3.
    V(h,k) = (1,3).

    c. Use the given Eq(Y = -2x^2+4x+1) to calculate "Y" for each value of "X" shown below.

    Use the above points for graphing.

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