I am a bit lost as to how to go about answering this question. Any help will be appreciated.

When 1.40g of hydrated magnesium sulphate is heated to constant mass, 0.68g of the anhydrous salt remains. Find the formula for the hydrated magnesium sulphate.

Write the balanced equation:

MgSO4xH2O >> MgSO4 + x H2O

so the question is , what it the value of x?

You have .68g of MgSO4, calculate the number of moles that is. That will also be the number of moles of MgSO4 of the hydrated salt.

Now you have
N MgSO4.xH2O and you know N.

But you also know that there are 1.40-.68g water, so calculate the number of mole of water that is. Call that number M.

Nx= M
solve for x

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asked by Nona
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