maths/calculus damon,steve,reiny help steve

x³dy/dx + 3y² = xy²
Given x=1 when y=1

plz help me show step help!!

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  1. x^3 dy/dx + 3y^2 = xy^2
    x^3 dy = y^2(x-3) dx
    dy/y^2 = (x-3)/x^3 dx
    -1/y = -1/x + 3/(2x^2) + c
    1/y = (3-2x)/(2x^2) + c
    y = 2x^2/(2x-3+cx^2)

    y(1) = 1, so

    2/(c-1) = 1
    c = 3

    y = 2x^2/(3x^2+2x-3)

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