1. Which is a set of collinear points?

1. J, H, I ****
2. L, H, J
3. J, G, L
4. L, K, H

asked by Kaydence
  1. you r correct

    posted by Emojiess
  2. The question cannot be answered.
    More information is needed, such as a diagram, which of course we cannot post here.

    posted by Reiny
  3. Yes it can you just need to use your brain Reiny

    posted by Emojiess
  4. Ya'll are no f**king help

    posted by Somebody (#2)
  5. no cussing when you are in 6th grade

    posted by blah blah
  6. G H I

    posted by blah blah
  7. Watch your mouth! Shesh

    posted by Winged Dragon Of Ra
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    posted by Winged Dragon Of Ra
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