At Laurita's bakery 3/5 of the baked goods are pies and the rest are cakes. 1/3 of the pies are coconut. 1/6 of the cakes are angel-food. What fraction of all of the baked goods at Laurita's Bakery are coconut?

What fraction of all the baked goods at Laurita's bakery are angel food cakes?

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  1. coconut: (3/5)(1/3) = 1/5
    angel: (2/5)(1/6) = 1/15

    assuming no cakes are coconut ...

    If all the cakes are either coconut or angel food, then

    coconut: (3/5)(1/3) + (2/5)(5/6) = 8/15

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  2. 3/5times 1/3=1/5

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