Barbara has a mixed garden that has 16 rows of different flowers and vegetables. One fourth of the rows are lettuce, 1/8 of the rows are pumpkins, and 1/2 of the rows are red tulips. The other rows are carrots. How many rows of carrots are in Barbara's garden?

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  1. 8/8 - (2/8 + 1/8 + 4/8) = ?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. (1/4) 16 = 4 lettuce

    (1/8) 16 = 2 punpkin

    (1/2) 16 = 8 red tulips

    4+2+8 = 14

    16-14 = 2 rows of carrots

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  3. To solve this problem, I would convert the fractions to the same denominater.
    1/4= 4/16
    1/2= 8/16
    1/8= 2/16

    Now you add the fractions all together and you get 14/16. So I think 2 of the rows are carrots.

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  4. Anwser 8

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