MOMETRIX TEAS 6 practice

On a floor plan drawn at a scale of 1:100, the area of a rectangular room is 30cm^2. What is the actual area of the room?

Answer: 30 m^2

Just need help understanding the concept and putting it all together. I can't grasp it very well from the book. Please & Thanks for your time

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  1. if the scale is a:b (in this case 1:100), then the area is of scale a^2:b^2 (in this case, 1:100^2; or 1 to 10,000)

    so if the scale area is 30cm^2, the real area is 30*10,000 cm^2
    now the units: 100cm=1m
    and in area (100cm)^2=1m^2 or
    10,000 cm^2=1m^2
    so a real area of 30x10,000cm^2= 1 m^2

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  2. Thanks Bob

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  3. 30m^2

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  4. fghfguyg

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