Algebra - PLEASE HELP!

Can you PLEASE help me with this problem? I do not understand...

The area of a triangle can be found by using the formula A=1/2bh. The area of the triangle can be represented by the expression
-17.5x2^ - 138.5x - 27. The triangle's base length is greater than its height. If the area of the triangle is 231 square inches, find the value of x as it relates to this rectangle, the numerical length of the base, and the numerical length of the height.

x =
Base =
Height =

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asked by Leroy
  1. You say rectangle. I assume typo? Did you read what you wrote?

    All terms in the area are - ?
    -17.5 x^2 -138 x - 27 = 231?

    +17.5 x +138 x + 258 = 0

    x = -3.05 or x = -4.84

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    posted by Damon
  2. 231 = -17.5x2^ - 138.5x - 27

    462 = -37 x^2 - 277 x - 54

    0 = -37 x^2 - 277 x - 516

    use quadratic formula to find x

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    posted by Scott

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