Jackson made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. Each pair of opposite sides of the poster are congruent and parallel. Which of the following names best describes the shape of Jackson’s poster?


please help fast!

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  1. I'll give you the properties of each shape, if that helps.

    square: Has 2 pairs of parallel sides; all sides are the same length.

    rhombus: has all the properties of parallelogram All sides are congruent by definition.The diagonals bisect the angles. The diagonals are perpendicular bisectors of each other.

    rectangle:All angles are right angles, 2 pairs of parallel sides, opposite sides are congruent

    Trapezoid: 1 pair of parallel sides.

    Your answer is correct.

    I hope this helped,
    ~ Cassandra Raven Moonstone

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  2. Thank you

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  3. You're welcome! I am happy to help!

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  4. i know this helps and all but some people want the letter version answer
    ( im not one of them )
    im just a messenger for them

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  5. sorry i didn't look correctly
    the answer is C if all you other people are wondering

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