Which statement best describes the difference between preservation and restoration?

1. Preservation is lengthy while restoration is relatively quick.

2. Restoration involves chemicals, while preservation uses special containers.

3. (Preservation is a highly complex science; restoration relies mostly on art history.)

4. Restoration returns an artwork to near its original state; preservation maintains the work to resist decay.

Which statement best describes culturally important information you might discover by examining this seventeenth century Chinese ink painting, Morning Boat Jam?

1. (Many morning boaters suggest that seventeenth-century Chinese depended on boats for transport and jobs. Perhaps their culture also valued the water because it provided them with food.)

2. The Chinese were not able to build bridges to promote ground transportation.

3. China's rivers were often foggy, making visibility a challenge. Boaters relied on each other for safety.

4. All Chinese citizens knew how to steer a boat during the seventeenth-century, resulting in over-crowded waterways.

Type in Morning Boat Jam on google and click on the first link for the picture.

Ms. Sue are these correct?

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  1. The first is wrong. The second is right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1. 4

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  3. Yes, 1 is 4.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. is number 2 right

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  5. Thx they at both right got a 100

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  6. hki

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  7. my answer is number 2 hope I am right

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