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I am doing an essay question, and I just wondered if someone would answer a simple question, of wether they think that the story "Marriage is a private affair" shows external conflict. I beleive it does because external conflict is physical, and comes from other sources, and example could be another character, and when the son told his father he found a woman himself, his father dissaproved and would no longer speak to him........Because in their culture fathers would choose the women for the men, that they would marry. If you do not recall this story, the link is provided below.
The story is located on pg. 304.

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asked by Hannah
  1. I agree. That is an external conflict.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Since we don't have your book, we can't look up pg. 304. From what you describe, I agree that external conflict is obvious. Internal conflict is when a person entertains two conflicting ideas or feelings and doesn't know which is right or should be followed. External is conflict with other persons or something outside one's self.

    posted by Reed

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