Ryan has a collection of220 baseball cards.helets his bro have 1/4 of his collection & sells 20% of the coll to the baseball card shop. he takes 15 cards to school to give his fireds how many baseball cards remain in ryan coll?
1/4=55 to school=15 70-220=150
205 of 150=30 shop 150-30=120 left???

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  1. It would help if you proofread your questions before you posted them.

    220 - 220/4 = 220 - 55 = 165

    Assuming that you mean 20% of the remaining cards,

    165 - .2(165) = 165 - 33 = 132

    132 - 15 = 117

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  2. The answer is 106 :

    220÷4 = 55,

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  3. Ryan has a collection of 216 baseball cards. He lets his brother have 1/3 of his collection and takes 27 cards to school to give his friends. How many baseball cards remain in Ryan's collection?

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