I am having trouble in solving. My answer is ending in fractions. And do far I have gotten y=-1/7

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asked by Fatima
  1. 5x+3y=9x-7y
    10y = 4x
    y = 2x/5

    Not sure what you mean by "solve".
    Since you have 2 unknowns but only one equation, there is no unique solution.

    by letting x equal multiples of 5, you will get whole integer solutions for both x and y.
    x = 5, y = 2
    x = 10, y = 4
    x = 15, y = 6
    x = 0 , y = 0
    x = -5, y = -2

    if you let x be a non-multiple of 5, you will indeed get fractions.
    x = 3, y = 6/5

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    posted by Reiny

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