The area of cross section of a pipe is 5.4 centimetres square and the water pump out of it at the rate of 27 kilometre per hour find the volume of water which flows out of the pipe in 1 minute

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  1. rate = 27 km/hr
    = 2700000 cm / 60 minutes
    = 45000 cm/min
    so in 1 minute, the water flows 45000 cm

    volume = area of base x height
    = 5.4 cm^2 x 45000 cm
    = 243000 cm^3

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  2. 243

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  3. As rate= 27km/h
    So when we change it into cm it becomes =2700000cm/60mins
    = 45000cm/min
    So in 1minute 45000cm water is pumped
    As the area of base is 5.4cm^2
    So volume=area of base × height
    Hence,the volume of water pumped in one minute is 243000cm^3.

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  4. 243 litres

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  5. 243 litres

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  6. Explain again plz

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  7. No answer is not correct.

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