American Government

Please check my answers.

1. Which of the following is a reason explaining why prison populations have increased dramatically?
A. Many prisons have close down making the ones that remain overcrowded.
B. Many new prisons have been built inspiring states to fill them.
C. The average prison sentence has increased in length.
D. Crime rates have been on a steady incline in the United States

My answer is b

2. Which of the following statements best describes how the interstate highway system is funded?
A. Funding comes from both federal and state governments
B. Funding comes from state governments alone
C. Funding comes from the federal government alone
D. Funding comes primarily from charities and other nonprofits

My answer is either a or c

3. Which of the following are ways in which all states maintain road safety? (I need to choose 3 answers)
A. Conducting emissions tests
B. Employing highway patrols
C. Licensing drivers
D. Setting up tolls
E. Setting speed limits

My answers are b,c, and e

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  1. Sorry my answer for 1 is actually a

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  2. 1. b - no
    2. Which is it -- a or c?
    3. b, c, e - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  3. For anyone who still needs it, the correct answers are:

    1. C: The average prison sentence has increased in length

    2. A: funding comes from both federal and state governments

    3. employing highway patrols, licensing drivers, and setting speed limits


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  4. Just a helper ^^^^
    100% correct

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  5. For those with the question 4 update, the answer is:
    a. increase in high school graduation rates, decrease in crime rates
    c. empowering community members to help police control crime in their area

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  6. thank you!

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  7. Just is help is Correct

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  8. The right answers are
    1) C
    2) A
    3) B, C, and E

    You can thank Just a helper for your daily dose of right answers.

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  9. 100% wrong trust me answers are

    1) C
    2) A
    3) B, C, and E

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  10. 1.C

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  11. BTS-eats-dogs you literally said the answers are wrong and yet posted the same ones that just is helps said

    also, ms sue SHUT UP YOU ARE NO HELP

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