3.How did Spanish colonies differ from French and English colonies?
a.Missionaries sought to convert Native Americans to Christianity
b.Peninsulares and creoles banned the slave trade, calling it immoral.
c.The encomienda system subjected native peoples to forced labor.
d.The viceroyalty invited natives to participate in government
4.What was the encomienda system?
A. a system in which Spanish monarchs shared with Native Americans the right to demand labor from peons and Africans
B. a system in which the Spanish conquistadors granted Native Americans the right to demand labor from peons
C. a system in which the Spanish monarchs granted the conquistadors the right to demand labor from Native Americans
D. a system in which the Spanish settlers granted the conquistadors the right to demand labor from Native Americans
5.Which of the following was a problem that limited the growth of New France? *
a.Louis XIV did not support the growth of New France.
b.Long, harsh Canadian winters made farming difficult.
c.Native Americans taught the French how to harvest cod for export.
d.French explorers were unable to find inland water routes in North America.
6.For which main purpose did Europeans bring enslaved Africans to the Americas? *
a.to explore the continents
to fight in their armies
to help convert native populations
to work on plantations
Which of the following was the geographic center of the system of triangular trade? *
1 point
the Americas
the Atlantic Ocean
the Caribbean islands
the northwest passage
Which of these statements characterizes the first leg of the triangular trade? *
1 point
Enslaved Africans were exchanged for plantation products.
Merchants transported goods made in Europe to trade in Africa.
Enslaved Africans were exchanged for products made in Europe.
Merchants brought plantation products to Europe to sell.
Which of the following correctly pairs the continent with its associated trade goods during the height of the triangular trade system? *
1 point
Europe: guns, furs, cash; Africa: slaves, sugar, rum; Americas: cloth, molasses
Europe: guns, rum; Africa: cash, fur, slaves; Americas: sugar, molasses, cloth
Europe: guns, cloth, cash; Africa: slaves; Americas: sugar, furs, molasses
Europe: cloth, furs, rum; Africa: slaves, sugar; Americas: guns, molasses, cash
Which trade goods were brought along on the last leg of the triangular trade? *
1 point
guns and cloth
sugar and molasses
enslaved Africans
manufactured goods and cash
Mercantilism depended on which key relationship? *
1 point
banks and businesses
landowners and workers
merchants and consumers
parent countries and colonies
Which of the following was a difference between capitalist entrepreneurs and guild masters? *
1 point
a.Guild masters hired many more workers than capitalists.
b.Capitalists let supply and demand set prices; guild masters regulated prices.
c.Guild masters invested their profits in global businesses; capitalists gave their profits to cottagers.
d.Capitalists were reluctant to compete and take risks; guild masters were eager to expand into risky overseas markets.

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