Write a java program using classes and object to read the em[loyee code (Integer), Imployee name (string), Basic salary )double), Category (Character)then calculate the bonus(double)and the total salary(double)eligible for each employ. The output should have the employee code, employee name, basic salary, grade bonus and the total salary. The program must use switch-case construct for calculations. Test your program for 5 employees.

If the employee belong to
Grade A bonus=20% basic
Grade B bonus=15% basic
Grade C bonus=10% basic
Grade D bonus=7% basic
Grade E bonus=5% basic

Sample Output:
Employee code :1234
Employee Name :aaaa
Basic Salary :1000 $
Grade :A/B/C/D/E
Bonus :1111$
Total Salary : Basic salary + Bonus

asked by Hala
  1. suggested approach:
    create a class for each Employee, with class properties as
    integer code
    string name
    double salary
    char category
    double bonus
    double totalSalary

    with class methods called
    double calculateBonus()
    void printEmployee()

    Use switch-case to calculate bonus.
    Add bonus and salary to get totalSalary. Bonus is usually a percentage (see table given) of salary.

    posted by MathMate

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