you are trying to cool your house. The temp in the house is 85. Your ac is set for 78. The outside temp is 71. Which will cool the house the fastest leaving the windows open or leaving the windows closed?

With the AC running, it will be better to open the windows, to get the benefir of additional cooling.

The relative cooling capability of AC and open windows will depend upon the "size" (btu rating) of the AC and the number of windows, and whether there are fans or a wind to draw in outside air.

how old is tomas jefferson?

i think leaving the windows open...cause theres way difference between 78 and 71!! and when you open the door...the coolest temp or wind will come and cool your house..!!
and if you put on AC and open the window,,the breeze of AC wont work!!and it wont cool your house!!

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asked by manoj

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