The river rose 4 feet above flood stage last night. If a= the river’s height at flood stage, b= the river’s height now (the morning after), which equations below say the same thing as the statement? Explain your choices by translating the equations into English and comparing the meaning with the original statement.

(a) a+b=4
(b) b-4=a
(c) a-4=b
(d) a+4=b
(e) b+4=b
(f) b-a=4

Not going to answer this, but going to give you something to think about how to answer it.

When you use the "+" sign, you are adding to something ... or putting more in.

When you use the "-" sign, you are taking away.

So, overnight, was water added or taken away from the river?

See if that helps narrow down the answer.


That does not help me much because I have no idea how to translate this problem into English. Please help me!

Here are all the possibilities translated into English:

Answer a: The height of flood stage plus the height right now equals 4 feet.

Answer b: The height right now minus 4 feet equals the height of the water at flood stage.

Answer c: The height of the water at flood stage minus 4 feet is the height of the water now.

Answer d: The height of the water at flood stage plus 4 feet equals how much water there is now.

e: The height now plus 4 feet is the height now.

f: The height now minus the height at flood stage equals 4 feet.

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