1. A narrator who is also a character in the story is?

a. first person
b. second person**
c. third person limited
d. third person omniscient

2. Which of the following details would be considered part of the setting?

a. the resolution of the plot
b. the time period of the plot**
c. the dialect of the main character
d. the conflict of the main character

3. In "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," Walter uses fantasies to escape the constant scolding of his wife. What type of conflict is this?

a. character vs. nature
b. character vs. society
c. character vs. character**
d. character vs. himself

4. In "The Scarlet Ibis," what does the scarlet ibis symbolize?

a. pride and selfishness
b. a longing for beauty
c. a foreshadowing of Doodle's death**
d. conflict between siblings

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  1. 1. b - no
    2. b - yes
    3. c - no
    4. c - yes

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Is 3 b?

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  3. It's been a long time since I've read the "Secret Life," but isn't Walter Mitty fighting his own demons?

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    Ms. Sue
  4. A. First Person
    A. First Person
    B.In various American cities between 1930-1960
    D. man vs self
    D. sadness at the loss of youth
    A. the fragility of life
    C. to persuade the readers with stories from his college days and his professor's quotations.
    D. simile and imagery
    B. his carelessness
    C. Ted shook his head and ran his hand through his curly blond hair before answering
    B. an illustration comparing the height and extent of the tsunami to normal sea level
    A. "But when too much of the atmosphere is made up of greenhouse gases, it leads to global warming."
    B. 2007
    B. a profile of one of the survivors of the crash.
    B. "and changing everything carefully"
    D. deep bitterness
    A. to tell an uplifting story
    D. Like it or not, advertising is necessary to our economy.
    C. simile
    B. a memory sequence that interrupts the chronological order of events.
    B. proper noun
    C. linking verb
    A. Never make the same mistake twice.
    C. shrieked
    C. appositive phrase
    A. adverbial clause
    A. phrase fragment
    C. independent clause
    C. independent clause
    D. adjective clause
    B. complex
    A. compound
    A. simple
    A. a short essay describing a recent trip to New Zealand
    C. Defoe served as a secret agent for William II between 1697 and 1701, and between 1703 and 1714 for various ministers.
    C. Kites of every color hovered above, swooping and soaring with each gust of wind.
    B. The area where the beavers live lacks natural predators.
    D. The entire incident should teach people a lesson: it is a mistake to mess with nature.
    A. After all, these years our dog finally learned to fetch.
    D. "Are we going to sit still and do nothing?" Jane asked in attempt to energize the club.
    D. mysterious;spooky
    B. verb
    A. As a result,

    These are the English 9 Exam answers I don't know if they change up the answers though. Goodluck!

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  5. Can someone post the answers for the english 9 A semester exam 2020?

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  6. sorry guys I forgot to add the questions to the word turns out that the questions are being changed so make sure its the right questions BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT and if I label it as a BEST GUESS that means that you have to figure out the answer on your own because it gets changed BAD GRAMMER so I just used key words if the words in the question DONT MATCH the words to your question that means its a DIFFERENT TEST

    1. A narrator who is also a character in the story is

    First person

    2. I like to think right now please of a cybernetic forest filled with pines and electonics
    the above quote form all watched over by machines of loving grace shows that the narrator is

    A first person

    3. which of the following details would be considered part of the setting?

    B the time period of the plot

    4. what are you crying for asked daddy but I couldnt answer they didnt know that I did it for myself that pride who slave I was spoke to me lound all voices that doodle walked only because ashamed

    answer is A Character vs Himself

    He only says good fences make good neighbors spriung is the mischeif for me I wondor if could notion head why do they make good neighbors isnt it where what cows no

    answer is A Walls can serve to keep things out as well as keep things in

    6. in the scarlet ibis what does the scarlet ibis symoblizse

    amswer is C a foreshadowing of doodles death

    7. the primary purpose of al gore an inconveinent truth is

    C to persuade the reader that by taking steps now they can help fight the dammage done to earths atmosphere

    8. which two poetic devices are used in the title of ee cummings poem spring is like a perhaps hand

    answer is C personification and simile

    9. in ray bradbury short story a sound of thunder which of mr eckels character traits lead to drastic consequences for the rest of the world

    answer is B his carelessness

    10. which of these details from james thurber short story the secret life of walter mitty is an example of a inderect characterization of the title character

    D All of the above are examples of indirect characterization

    11. which of the following graphic would add to the most relevant information to the deadliest tsunami of hhistory

    answer is B an illustratoin comparing the height and the extend of the tsunami to normal seas level

    12. B according tro the innfomration an inconveinent truth what explains the trend seen in the grap

    B the problem we now face is the atmosphere is being filled by huge carbon dioxide and green gasses

    13. according to the graph the southern hemispere further north hemifere

    the answer is D 2009

    The date time location of a robbery would most likely include

    A hard news article

    which statement sums up robert frost poem mending wall

    C for some people good relationships depend on having clear boundaries

    16. which line from the poem birhces best nostolgic tone

    answer is A and so I dream of going back to be

    17. what was the authors main reason for writing this massage

    A to explain why something happened

    the authors purpose is to inform the reader which statement passage demonstrates this intent
    crossing the seas paper title

    the answer is B scholars are not sure about the legend but do speculate that the maori discovered aoteror more than 1000 years ago and came boat somewhere south pacific

    19. which literary device used in sentene marie worked all day lie an ant getting ready for winter

    answer is C simile

    20 a flashback is

    D a memory sequence that interrups the chronological order of eventws

    Identify the part of speech for underlined word
    the novel huck fin is set along missisipi river

    answer is B lproper nouns

    Identify part speech underlined word

    the storm remains a threat costal village

    answer is B linking verb

    23. which of the following is a complete sentence

    you have to figure it out on your own

    24 Identify the vivid verb in the following sentence

    Donald is glad that he gave the tickets to erin because she shrieked with suprise when he did so

    answer is C shrieked

    25. choose the term that describes the underlined phrase
    mrs patti a math teacher at my school plans to retire

    the ansewr is D appositive phrase

    26 kris was anxious about her new job choose term underlined sentene

    anser is B adverb phrase

    27 Identify the choice describes the problem
    forgetting her homework and her books

    answer is A phrase fragment

    choose term describes underlined part sentence
    although it was raining fairly hard

    answer is C adverb clause

    29. choose the term that best describes the underlined phrase
    this is a battle

    answer is D independant clause

    30 .
    choose the term that best describes underlined phrase
    that she is reading

    answer is C adjective clause

    31. choose the term describes sentence shown
    if you are in line early sure get the best tickets

    answer is B complex

    choose the term that describes the type of sentence swhown
    jhon was late to dinner and I was late to the movies

    answer is C compound

    choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown
    the senior class trip to washington dc and annapolis research project

    answer is B complex

    which following topics clearest example informative purpose

    answer is B a critique of a new book by a librarian

    35. which following grammer is correct

    Figure it out on your own

    36. what would be least effectivbe detail for description about lazy summer evening in the country

    answer is B fallen leaves frantically chased after each other in swirling gusts of wind

    you have to figure this one out on your own

    best guess: B

    38. which sentnce best reveals the writers beliefs about the impact of beavers on chilean ecology

    answer is D


    best guess: D


    best guess C

    41 use your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence below

    best guess is: D

    42 which suffix would you add to the word contemplate to make it an adjective

    A -ive

    43. which transition could best be added to the beginning of the last sentence of this letter

    A as a result is the best guess


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  7. Is This Correct?

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  8. hey @cutiekitty if you're gonna be doing that with the questions FigUre It OuT on YouR OWn then dont even help k :)

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