Hi can someone please help me?

A recent study gave the information shown in the table about ages of children receiving toys. The percentages represent all toys sold.

Age (years) Percentage of Toys
2 and under
13 and over 17%

What is the probability that a toy is purchased for someone in the following age ranges?

I know the answers are not correct but can someone help me how to solve the problem.

(a) 6 years old or older


(b) 12 years old or younger


(c) between 6 and 12 years old


(d) between 3 and 9 years old


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  1. Arrange data better.

    2 and under 17%
    3-5 19%
    6-9 24%
    10-12 13%
    13 and over 27%

    a) agree
    b) disagree
    c) agree
    d) agree

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