death of salesman,english

i got a assignment,,that i have visited to lomans family for about a week ,and i have to write a letter to my mother that how all the characters in house interact with each other,please give me few hints....

Check out the character analysis sections in the following. They'll help cement the main characters' traits in your mind and enable you to write a good paper (letter!):


As a humorous touch, you could also end the letter by asking your mom to send you money fast -- so you can get a ticket home as soon as possible!!

(Thanks to Bobpursley for this idea!)


I saw Death of a Salesman at a theater about 50 years ago and it has stuck with me all these years about exactly how much I disliked spending my money (25 cents then) to see such a "horrible" film. I'm going to a live performance tonight. I'll see if it has improved (or if my attitutde as changed) in the intervening 50 years.

Let me know if your opinion changes. I've always thought of this as a very depressing play.


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