Society and Culture before the Civil War SS

Most of the questions have maps or images to go with them, I answered those but I need help/answers checked on the ones that don't. I need to get a good grade on this so I can finally get out of this stupid online school!!!

What was the importance of slave codes?

A. They increased the personal freedoms of enslaved African Americans
B. They were established as a step toward legal freedoms for African Americans **
C. They increased an owner's control over enslaved African American's behavior
D. They allowed for the education of African Americans

How did Horace Mann contribute to the reform in education?

A. His development of books with raised letters aided in the education of the blind
B. His educational philosophy led to a new approach in educating the deaf
C. His radical call for classroom equality gave African Americans a chance to get an education
D. His pressure on the state legislature provided money to fund new schools and increase teacher's pay

How were the lives of children in the middle of the nineteenth century different from previous generations?

A. They were working in factories or fields **
B. they were children of professional parents
C. They were given the opportunity to go to college
D. They were able to read and write

Why did Quakers and other religious leaders in the North oppose slavery?

A. They believed it was a sin for a person to own another person (?)
B. They had many African American followers
C. They felt African Americans should be paid fairly for their services
D. They thought that slavery did not reflect american values (?)

Which of the following was a result of the reform efforts spurred on by the Second Great Awakening of the 1820s?

A. Limits were places on the amount of immigrants allowed into the United States
B. Women gained the right to vote
C. People with mental illness were removed from society and placed in prisons
D. The temperance movement got several states to ban the sale of alcohol

What complaint did southerners make about William Loyd Garrison in connection with Nat Turner?

A. He supplied the weapons Turner used in his revolt
B. His leadership of the Underground Railroad gave Turner a way of escape north
C. He promoted slave revolts like Turner's with his abolitionist writings
D. He encouraged Turner's revolt with his anti-slavery speeches in congress

After he was president, which individual described himself as "the acutest, the astutest, and the archest enemy of Southern slavery that ever existed"?

A. Andrew Jackson
B. John Quincy Adams
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. Martin Van Buren

Which of the following describes the similarities between Emerson's and Thoreau's central beliefs?

A. They both lectured on the importance of inner light
B. They both believed the human spirit was reflected in nature
C. They both considered the rise of cities was hurting the nation
D. They both believed the individual decides what's right and wrong

Which action would be consistent with a person who believed in civil disobedience?

A. A Know-Nothing party member attacking an immigrant
B. a conductor on the Underground Railroad guiding escaped slaves
C. an angry citizen setting fire to a government building
D. a merchant banker who got wealthy by extending credit

How were the lives of white people in the North and South alike and different?

For the last one, I know how they're different but I'm having trouble seeing how they're alike. I've been studying for this test and I know if I get a 90 or higher my grade will go up! I just need help on these because I need to get that 90 or higher! Thank you!

asked by UrgentHelpNeeded
  1. Most of your answers are wrong.

    You need to study your text carefully, taking good notes, and reading slowly so you comprehend what you're reading.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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