for the equation i just gave it also says to solve it by letting y equal each side fo the equation and graphing. there is a graph off to the side. so what does all this mean?

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asked by hella
  1. you would end up with
    y = w + 3.14 which is a straight line on the w-y grid, w along the horizontal.
    Its slope is 1 and the y-intercept is 3.14

    the second equation would be
    y = w + 3.19 after you simplify the right side.
    It also has a slope of 1 but a y-intercept of 3.19, slightly higher.

    So you have two parallel lines slightly apart, obviously they cannot meet, as a result, no solution as noted in my previous reply to the other posting.

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    posted by Reiny
  2. y=-3x+2,y+3x=-4
    parallel lines

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    posted by essance

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