which of the following statements is true as the moon goes from new moon to full moon phase? (2 points)

A:We see more of the lighted side of the moon

B:We see less of the lighted side of the moon

C:The time it takes to go from new moon to full moon is 2 weeks

D:The time it take to go from new moon to full moon is 4 weeks

2 Answer Question. Plz Help Thank You!!!!

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asked by Kali
  1. a, and c are true.

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  2. I think bobpusley is is partially right its B and C LOL XD

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    posted by Alex
  3. thanks

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    posted by new moon
  4. i'm 2 years late but alex AND bobpusely are wrong its A and D

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    posted by Bamboo
  5. Bobpusley is correct!

    A is correct, because it's going from new moon (the "darkest side" of the moon) to full moon ("lightest side" of the moon.)

    C is correct, because new moon and full moon both are on opposite sides of the Earth so it would take half on Earth's orbit which is 2 weeks/half of 28 days/14 days.

    I hope this helps you. Also please use this website not for your answers, but to double check your answers. This will help see were you went wrong and how you are going to fix it!

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    posted by Hi
  6. My apologies! I meant to say moon's orbit around Earth. Also please take my advice!


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    posted by Hi

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