If you had read The Last Judgement could you please help me?

God...."The fifth and sixth people were an old married couple;he finished them off with an axe and found practically no money, although they had more than twent thousand hidden away."

Kugler jumped up: Where? Tell me!

"In a straw mattress," God said."In a linen sack inside the mattress. That's where they stored the money they got from usury and penny-pinching. The seventh man he killed in America;he was an immigrant, a countryman, helpless as a child"

"So it was in the mattress." Kugler whispered in amazement.

The dialog between God and Kugler mostly revels that?

A:God does not judge Kugler for his evil ways

B:Kugler regrets that he did not find the money***

C:God is witness to all that people do and say***

D:Kugler feels sorry for his actions while on earth.

I'm torn between B&C....I am leaning more towards C....because God does not say what anyone said. Thank you for your help. I really hope some one can help me :)

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  1. I'd say both are correct, but what do you think is the point of the dialogue? We already know that Kugler didn't find what he was looking for and was disappointed. Is the idea that God is witness the new idea?

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  2. I got it...sent it in all ready.It is C....We all ready know God sees all and knows all, so that is not what is being reveled. Kugler regrets not finding the money is being reveled. Thanks for your help. :)

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