Algebra 2

The period of a pendulum is the time the pendulum takes to swing back and forth. The function L=0.81t^2 relates the length L in feet of a pendulum to the time t in seconds that it takes to swing back and forth. A convention center has a pendulum that is 80 feet long. Find the period.

I am super duper confused! Can someone please explain what in the world I am supposed to do?

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  1. I can't find anything anywhere to help me.

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  2. T = 2 pi sqrt (L/g)
    if you do physics
    I will look at your problem in a second

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  3. 80 = .81 T^2

    T^2 = 98.76

    T = 9.94 seconds

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  4. Now to check that with physics
    g is about 32 ft/s^2

    T = 2 pi sqrt (80/32)

    T = 9.9346 seconds, close enough

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  5. Thank you soooo much Damon!

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  6. You are welcome.

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