Linear Programming to Maximize Profit

Brian runs a factory that makes Blu-ray players. Each S100 takes 6 ounces of plastic and 4 ounces of metal. Each D200 requires 3 ounces of plastic and 8 ounces of metal. The factory has 300 ounces of plastic, 608 ounces of metal available, with a maximum of 22 S100 that can be built each week. If each S100 generates $10 in profit, and each D200 generates $2, how many of each of the Blu-ray players should Brian have the factory make each week to make the most profit?



Best profit:

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  1. Oh my heavens I have done so many linear programming problems tonight!
    s uses 6 plastic
    d uses 3 plastic
    6 s + 3 d </= 300

    s uses 4 metal
    d uses 8 metal
    4 s + 8 d </= 608

    s </=22

    maximize 10 s + 2 d

    I get 332 at (22,56)

    use x for s and y for d

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  2. Thank You So Much!!!!!!

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  3. You are welcome.

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