The United States wanted overseas territories because the territories had

a. access to ports
b. access to raw materials
c. connections with european nations
d. better employment opportunities

im not sure if it's b, c, or d

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  1. When?

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  2. 1. The united states wanted overseas territories because the territories had.

    B. Access to raw materials

    2. Why did journalists call the Alaska purchase of 1867 "Seward's Folly"?

    C. They wondered why the United States would want a vast tundra of snow and ice far from he continental boarders.

    3. Social Darwinism is the theory that?

    B. Life consists of competitive struggles in which only the strong survive


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  3. Phoenix is 100% CORRECT Thank you!

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  4. B
    100% still

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  5. Phoenix is correct:

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  6. 100%

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  7. In to years the will be a virus called corona

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