Spanish Literature

I am trying to translate my Spanish questions in to English, to make sure I fully understand what they are asking, before I answer them back into Spanish.

- La Peregrina= The Pilgrim

1. ¿Según el abuelo, a qué habían correspondido las visitas previas de la Peregrina?

¿According to the grandfather, what had he corresponded prior of the Peregrina visits?

2. ¿Para qué había venido la Peregrina? ¿Pudo cumplir con su deber?

For what had la Peregrina come? Could he do his duty?

3. ¿Por qué dice la Peregrina que es “buena amiga de los pobres y de los hombres de conciencia limpia”?

Why does the Peregrina say she is "good friend of the poor and men of good conscience"?

4. ¿Cómo explica la Peregrina por qué muchas personas la ven como una “traidora y cruel”?

How does the Peregrina explain why many people see it as a "treacherous and cruel"?

5. ¿Qué dice la Peregrina que se espera al “otro lado”?

What does the Peregrina say is expected to "other side" says?

6. ¿Cómo se parecen bastante el “otro lado” y un nacimiento?

How do they seem quite the "other side" and a birth?

7. La Peregrina dice que “Tú perteneces a un pueblo que ha sabido siempre mirarme de frente”. ¿Qué quiere decir?

La Peregrina says that "You belong to a people who have always known how to face me." What does it mean?

8. ¿Por qué le llamaría la muerte «libertad» el sabio más grande del pueblo?

Why would death be called "freedom" the greatest sage of the people?

9. ¿Cómo describe la Peregrina su “destino amargo”?

How do you describe the Peregrina his "bitter fate"?

10. ¿Qué había intentado hacer Adela?

What had Adela tried to intend to do?

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  1. I'll send this to Sra.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I was getting worried because I didn't see a reposting of the first Spanish Literature. Did you notice I did do the ending?

    ¿According to the grandfather, what had he corresponded to = a qué) prior to the Peregrina's visits?

    For what Purpose) had la Peregrina come? Could (s)he do her duty? (In the first part we know that "la Peregrina" is the subject so in the 2nd we have no reason to believe that the subject had changed)

    3. is fine

    4. How does the Peregrina explain why many people see her as "treacherous and cruel"? (or as a treacherous and cruel person)

    5. What does the Peregrina say is expected on the "other side?"

    6. How do they seem quite alike, the "other side" and a birth?

    7. How do they seem quite alike the "other side" and a birth? (un pueblo might also be translated as "a town, village") Must you translate "la Peregrina?" If so, "the Pilgrim"

    8. Why would death be called "freedom" the greatest sage of the people? (I'd change the word order because it is a question and in Spanish the subject comes at the end. Not usually in English. = Why would the greatest wiseman (sage) of the town (people) call death "freedom?
    9. How does the Peregrina describe her "bitter fate"? (Again, in a Spanish question, the subject follows the verb.) = How does the Pilgrim describe her "bitter destiny?" = HER, because "la Peregrina" is feminine; a man would be "el Peregrino."

    10. What had Adela tried (or intended) to do?


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  3. Yes, I did see your response to the last assignment. I did not have a chance to resend you my work because my son came down with stomach flu. I did go back and rework everything you had suggested and received 9/10 points. Muchas gracias for your help on all of my assignments.

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  4. It is a pleasure working with you! (and I don't always say that.


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