Which of the following people is most likely to have the highest self-esteem?

A 15-year-old male

A 15-year-old female

A 50-year-old female

A 50-year-old male (MY ANSWER)

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  1. You're probably right. But I wouldn't vote against the 50-year-old female.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1.c
    3. a and c
    these are the answers if you go to connexus.

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  3. Thanks

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  4. Thanks! "I am awesome" is correct! I wasn't sure on some answers.

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  5. Yea thanks "I AM AWESOME" u r really awesome!!!

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  6. That would be correct.

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  7. 5/5 but this questions a little sexist

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  8. thank you so so so much

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  9. @Rick Sanchez , your not wrong, good eye.

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  10. my answers are
    1. Which of the following people is most likely to have the highest self-esteem?
    Incorrect answer A. a 15-year-old male
    Incorrect answer B. a 15-year-old female
    Correct answer C. a 50-year-old male
    Incorrect answer D. a 50-year-old female

    2. A person who is fair, hard-working, and not afraid to be different has likely achieved
    Correct answer A. self-actualization.
    Incorrect answer B. adulthood.
    Incorrect answer C. modeling.
    Incorrect answer D. personality.

    3. A person with low self-esteem may (Select all that apply)
    Correct answer A. judge himself or herself harshly.
    Incorrect answer B. have a realistic view of their abilities.
    Correct answer C. put on an act to hide insecurities.
    Incorrect answer D. have a positive attitude.

    4. Your best friend always looks on the bright side and is very positive. Your friend has which personality trait?
    Incorrect answer A. extroversion
    Incorrect answer B. agreeableness
    Incorrect answer C. conscientiousness
    Correct answer D. emotional stability

    5. When your classmates at school work cooperatively on a project, it is an example of a positive influence by
    Incorrect answer A. your heredity.
    Incorrect answer B. your culture.
    Correct answer C. a peer group.
    Incorrect answer D. a psychologist.

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