What is the standard concentration of FeSCN^2+ if 18mL of 0.200M Fe(NO3)3 were combined with 2mL of 0.0020M KSCN?

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  1. KSCN + Fe^3+ ==> FeSCN^2+

    KSCN = 0.2 x 18/20 = 0.18 M
    Fe^3+ = 0.002 x 2/20 = 0.0002 M
    So FeSCN^2+ must be 0.0002 M

    You can make an ICE chart for that if you wish to see it better.
    ......KSCN + Fe^3+ ==> FeSCN^2+
    E....about 0.18..0.....0.0002

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