A rock is submerged in a rectangular prism whose base measures 9cm by 15 cm. If the water level rises from a height of 8cm to 12cm. What is the volume of the rock?

What I did:
V= area of base× height of prism L×W×h
9cm×15cm= 135
8cm×12cm= 96
(I'm not sure what I am supposed to do now. I know you have to subracat the volume of rectabgular prism by the water level rising, but I'm confused on how to do it)

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  1. Most direct way:
    The volume of the rock equals the change in the volume of the tank.
    The change in the height was 4 cm.
    So the volume of the rock is (9)(15)(4) cm^3
    = 540 cm^3

    or, along your thinking

    volume of tank at the start
    = (9)(15)(8) or 1080 cm^3
    volume after rock is inserted
    = (9)(15)(12) or 1620 cm^3
    change in volume caused by the rock
    = 1620 cm^3 - 1080 cm^3
    = 540 cm^3 , as above

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