Cultural Diversity

How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? Explain your answer.

"What i think is that by having slavery it made the whites seem that they were the ones more powerful than the blacks back then <~~You're right; and before emancipation, the whites were more powerful; no question about it. and till today we still have a problem with racism and dealing with glass walls,glass ceillings, and glass escalators at jobs.<~~Now THIS is what your question is after: the after-effects of slavery on US culture up through today. What you've written from here on seems to be unrelated to the question you're being asked.~~>To me everyone is the same and by having someone under someone else it sure brings out a lot of problems in life. I know that there should be someone in charge but those who are shouldn't treat their employees badly just because they are lower then them. Humans need to realize that by still having these issues this world will never really be calm of all vandilism. "

Remember what the question is asking:

1. How did slavery influence the evolution of black and white America today?

2. Explain why these things happened.

Stick to the topic and you'll do better. You have a good start at the beginning of your write-up, but you need to provide specific details to back up your generalizations. Then you need to explain why you think these details had the effects they have.

Please re-post when you have revised your statement.


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  2. how do i make a poster on culture?

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